Meet Trichelle Laurel

“The respect the children have for me as their AET is so rewarding!”

Trichelle Laurel
Aboriginal Education Teacher, Primary School

Trichelle is now in her second year as an Aboriginal Education Teacher at Kulkarriya Community School and is enjoying being able to support the education and growth of the students.



“I don’t know where to start – I guess I just love it! I have always wanted to teach. When I was younger and in school I loved seeing teachers and knew from then that I wanted to become a teacher. I have been really enjoying my role here.”

Trichelle’s commitment to supporting the students is something that shines through, and even more, she shares this passion with her team.

“We are like family! The other AET’s… we’re just one big family who all love working at the school. I really enjoy working with them. We respect each other and always help one another.”

Motivated by the outcomes of her students, Trichelle is focused on supporting students improve in the areas they are struggling most with.

“I am motivated by the improvements the kids are making. They are doing very well improving their work and pushing themselves to listen and work hard.”

“I like teaching English most; spelling, writing and reading. It is also important that we carry on the culture so I teach them Walmajarri. It’s a very important part of their education.”

Having always lived in the community, Trichelle describes the area as an amazing home, that is open and quiet, with so much space to live. Surrounded by her own family and her family of support at Kulkarriya, Trichelle strives to continually improve and train to be a qualified teacher.

“With my daughter having started at the school, and now in kindy, I have made a promise to myself that I want to focus on this job and continue to support the students. It is so exciting for me to be able to grow also and see the children become more independent.”