Who are we looking for?

Where challenge means reward; where living means learning
Who are we looking for? Is it right for you?

As a growing school with a big role, finding the right people to support our students and to contribute to our culture is vital. Your skills, experiences and personality really do shape who we are.

Are we right for you?

Our staff embrace, and are motivated by, our challenge, context and remote location. Living and working in Noonkanbah is far removed from what many are used to and particularly for those leaving close family behind, this can be a demanding career choice.

  • We’re a growing community, with expanding facilities. Our people love the natural beauty of our remote location but we’re some distance from the nearest major town, which means that you need to make plans in advance.
  • We’re also a dry community, meaning alcohol is not allowed in the community, including the teacher housing area.
  • Typically, our staff spend their time fishing, camping, hunting, exploring the region, relaxing etc. It’s important to develop hobbies and to plan activities – fun and adventure is there for the taking but it won’t come and find you.
  • Building relationships is key, and while we’ll of course help you get to know your colleagues and the wider community, it’s important that you take the lead and can show initiative.
What are we looking for?

While the specific requirements for every role are different (and are always included in the job advert), it is so important that you can also demonstrate:

  • A genuine commitment to helping us close the education gap, one small change at a time
  • A realistic understanding of our remote context and what that means for our staff – If you’re not sure about this, please ask us!
  • The drive and positivity to go out and make work and life happen, from student outcomes to peer relationships and social activities

Most importantly, the demands of our role should not be underplayed. You’ll have good times and bad, and we all try to start each day anew, fresh and ready for the challenge.