Noonkanbah Station is a community owned pastoral station, it is owned by the Yungngora Association Incorporated. It is 170,000 hectares in size and is located 170 kilometers south-west of Fitzroy Crossing. The community of Yungngora consists of about 350 people and is located at the southern boundary of the station on the banks of the Fitzroy River. Access to the community is via the unsealed Calwynyardah-Noonkanbah Road, 75km south of the Great Northern Highway. Access is limited in the wet season.

The school is independent and is run by the Yungngora Association Inc. The community has a well equipped store with EFTPOS  & ATM facilities. Fuel cards can be purchased from the store for use at the community bowser. Diesel and unleaded fuel are both available. The store is also an Australia Post facility. Mail is delivered by plane one day a week.

A clinic operates four days each week with an Aboriginal Health Worker in attendance daily. Registered nurses are in the community Monday to Thursday each week and a doctor service is available on Thursday weekly.  Other specialist clinics occur from time to time throughout the year.

Christian Radio is currently broadcast in the Community. There are also plans for the re-opening of the community broadcasting station to operate from within the community. A Health and Aged Care (HAC) kitchen and office provides meals to the elderly. The Yungngora community assists the School with sporting activities and cultural programs. Sport is emphasized, as this is a significant positive social activity within the Fitzroy Valley. The Noonkanbah Blues play in the Central Kimberley AFL Competition and travel to Fitzroy Crossing each weekend for fixtures during football season.