Meet Natalie Ward

“I like to teach the children more about life so that maybe one day, when they’re older, they’ll be an AET sharing their knowledge too.”

Natalie Ward
Aboriginal Education Teacher, Primary School

Natalie started working as an Aboriginal Education Teacher at Kulkarriya Community School five years ago when she wanted to be closer to her daughter beginning school there. Now with her daughter in grade 4, Natalie teaches in her class and provides assistance and support to the teachers and students at the school.


Natalie’s role as an AET can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. Her relationship with the children is integral in closing the education gap and inspiring lifelong learning among the students.

“It is a very motivating role. We are always trying new things at the school and inspiring children to come and experience things that they don’t have a chance to do at home.”

“I love working with the children and I also find that I am learning from them too. They’re fun, they’re excited and they like to learn new things. Mostly, when I am teaching language and when children excel with their manners – that is what make me happy.”

Working in a small team, Natalie says a main part of her role and support to teachers is helping to bridge the language barrier.

“I would describe the team I work with as patient, caring and focused. We all try to be role models for our children and to teach them all about life, language and different cultures.”

Natalie has also been open to a lot of new experiences in her role, while continuing to enjoy the bush life and the quiet environment.

“I love this job. I have been able to go with the children travelling to other schools, on holiday with them to Broome and last year I went to Brisbane with the boys. There is a lot of opportunity to go to new places. I had never been to Brisbane and it was interesting to experience the city, show the kids what it’s like and share in a different community setting.”

Natalie enjoys how Kulkarriya Community School offers plenty of opportunities to grow as a teacher and more importantly as a person, something she hopes to explore more in the coming years.

“Next year I’m working towards my Certificate III in Aboriginal Education. Then I can bring even more skills and learning opportunities to the children here. Having the kids around me and being able to support them is the best thing and I want to continue this. ”